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With the expansion of the cloud into industry and logistics all applications we build are completely web-based. Process owners are now able to detach administrative operations from a fixed location. Improving flexibility, reliability and enhancing quality while reducing operating costs. 

Browser based

Modern programming technology almost completely eliminate the necessity for operating system based programs that need to be installed on your desktop computer or application server. Since 2003 all our applications are browser based. 

Private Clouds

Mobile devices are more and more infiltrating the working spaces of industry and logistics.

Why not enjoy the benefits of the globally accepted cloud solutions and transfer them to your private network, creating your own local cloud?

Hence merging your preferred security policy, your databases and access to them on-demand.

Weather is improving, gray skies over industries are clearing up!

Smart-phone Apps

We convert our web based applications into Apps suitable for use on mobile devices like Smart-Phones and Tablets. Using Mobile devices enormously reduces the costs for ICT infrastructure and enhances the acceptance from your staff.