IoM and Predictive Maintenance

Of course everybody is familiar with the IoT (Internet of Things) term. But for industry and their suppliers somehow this seems not to relate to them. In that case Internet of Machines (IoM) might be a better term.

The toplevel sport of data acquisition

Field capturing of rare events is also referred to as the toplevel sport of data acquisition.

We've done it again

If all ICT integration paths fail... just get back to the old-fashioned solder iron.

IoT takes to sea

The Internet of things is descending to the ocean floor. Optimizing diving operations.

Deep sea innovation

Submerged innovation. Getting to the bottom of the ocean is more difficult than traveling to the moon....

3rd generation Andon board in the Cloud

The ultimate communication tool that brings man, machine and business processes together.

New Data Distribution Outdoor Cabinet

Successful installation took place at a dyke collapse testing facility for the Rijnland District Water Control Board

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