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Surveillance or investigation often require camera images or movie clips to be taken on events. e.g. triggered by motion detection.  Over extensive periods a huge amount of events are recorded. To easily access all events we developed the ImageEventBrowser.

The iEventBrowser was originally developed to study the birth details of calves at several research farms that where selected by the university of agriculture Wageningen the Netherlands.  With the help of the iEventBrowser, scientist browse trough the images and gather the necessary information.

By means of motion detection, external triggering by microphones or other sensors our software can collect a series of stills before, during and after the event.



Capture -> Store -> Retrieve, anywhere anytime.

iEventBrowser can be used for:

  • Time lapsed Recording
  • Police survaillance
  • Event based research
  • Motion detection
  • Wild-life research
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Border control
  • etc. etc. (twice, because the possibilities are numerous)