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Many factors influence a production process or process parts. One of the most common factor suppressing the O.E.E. is (internal) logistics.

A complete O.E.E. is built on many factors, some of which are very difficult to measure. Factors such as quality are often very difficult to incorporate successfully due to the delay between the actual processing and the return moment of quality assessment.


Most companies start with a non-comprehensive of an O.E.E., simply because the determination of all (complex) O.E.E.-factors can be very costly. S&S Systems however is able to create insight in even the most complex KPI´s simpl and affordable by using advanced technologies en thinking out-of-the-box.

A comprehensive O.E.E. requires the incorporation of all kind of business disciplines involved with the product, often leading to partly O.E.E. implementations presenting incomplete results, therefore misleading management.

As business intelligence system integrators we consult and advice companies during the design process of a fitting O.E.E. and together we will design the most pragmatic O.E.E. for your company, implement additional infrastructure when required and support you in the correct usage of it.

The design document is the first necessary step in the O.E.E. realization. 

Generating an OEE that will truly tell you about the effectiveness of your process or its key-components requires data from all kind of resources e.g.:

  • The operators
  • Sensors & detection systems
  • PLCs
  • Planning

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O.E.E. Design

More about the first step.